David Murray-Hundley, "The Grumpy Entrepreneur" Mentor, Advisor, Investor to Startups, and Scale-Ups. Entrepreneur, Chairman, Founder, sometimes Occasional Speaker. 

The founding team of $22bn IPO on NASDAQ during the Dotcom bubble.

Bankrupt by 30.

Built, invested in, and exited a few companies since.

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Companies and Founders I helped between March 18th 2020 and March 1st 2021.

Some of you came on dog walks with me, bike rides, running, and more. It was hard work at times, especially also homeschooling and doing the day jobs. I hope I had an impact on those I spoke to. Best DMH

Still happy to help people and companies. Happy to look at opportunities as well. Feel free to book a call with me here https://calendly.com/thegrumpyentrepreneur/the-grumpy-entrepreneur-catch-up


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If you are looking for investment, or help around exit then please head to Pario Ventures.

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