David Murray-Hundley, "The Grumpy Entrepreneur" Mentor, Advisor, Investor to Startups, and Scale-Ups. Entrepreneur, Chairman, Founder, sometimes Occasional Speaker. 

The founding team of $22bn IPO on NASDAQ during the Dotcom bubble.

Bankrupt by 30.

Built, invested in, and exited a few companies since.



Companies and Founders helped since March 18th, 2020 from across the world. 

Tech London Advocates TLA Covid-19 Resource Hub here

Day job companies here 

Funding help

Financials contingency planning Covid-19 Bussines model review

Getting to market

Quicker revenue

Challenges and opportunities in the current climate

Contact me via here, the options below or book a slot in through here https://calendly.com/thegrumpyentrepreneur/

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